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Cricklewood Carriers Cab Company Limited your first point of call for electric black cab taxi rentals in London.

As London’s oldest and finest black cab rental and repair garage, Cricklewood Carriers Cab Company Limited is synonymous with the world class service offered by the London black cabs.
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Benefits of Renting

  • Fully maintained
  • NSL plating
  • O/H prep and maintenance
  • Viking 5 taximeter
  • TfL approved dash cam
  • Payment terminal
  • Insurance
  • Claims management
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Warranty & servicing
  • Fuel savings

The TXe Vista is powered by an advanced electric battery with a 1.3 litre petrol generator referred to as the eCity. Hence the in TXe but more importantly this works as a range extender of more than 400 miles. The electric battery provides a daily pure EV charge of 70 miles. Cricklewood Carriers Cab Company Limited recomemnds to operate on smart mode to provide the most efficeint way to utilise the TXe Vista in the city of London. Rapid charging points in the city provides near full in 20 minutes.

Charlie was very happy with the new electric cab.

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