Electric TX

TX Vista Comfort Plus & TXe Features

Vista Comfort Plus

Highlighted Features

Air-pollution sensor

TXe filters the air you breathe preventing contaminants from entering into the cabin. The TXe monitors the quality of the air flowing to the internal vents and automatically closes the intake when increased levels of pollution are detected. The TXe protects you and your passengers from any contaminating particles.

Swivel Seat

Inside the passenger compartment, the outer flip seat rotates to a stationary position outside the passenger door. When using with the wheelchair ramp, passengers with severe problems with mobility will find access in and out of the electric black cab very easy with little assistance.

Panoramic roof

Now your passengers can enjoy jaw dropping of London landmarks from the comfort of your cab. The panoramic roof is built with layers of thick reinforced glass with a high quality tinted that blocks 95% of light entering the cabin. The panoramic view has been well received by London passengers and adds to a the world class black cab taxi service.

Dedicated on-board Wi-Fi

The TXe has the capability to provide onbaord Wi-Fi, a dedicated USB socket, located in the driver compartment for optimum signal allows passengers to efficently connect to the Wi-Fi. The high-speed Wi-Fi dongle is included with the taxi, along with a 12 month data contract should rental drivers seek to take up the service.

Electrical accessory interface

The TXe has been designed with built in wiring for simple and easy to installation of all cab related electrical technologies.

Main beam assist

The LED headlights are very bright and efficently used. operated through a fully-automatic function sensor detecting other vehicles as well as road lighting, switching between dipped and main beam. Always ensuring our electric black rental driver of optimal lighitng when driving.


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Cricklewood Carriers Cab Company Limited is investing in a better, safer electric black cab, ensuring London stays cleaner, drivers stay safe and passengers enjoy a modern taxi experience in London.

Vista Comfort

Additional features over VISTA
  • Luxury driver’s seat (inc. additional and electric adjustment plus heated seat)

    Electrically adjustable with extended knee support and tilting base.

  • Electrochromatic rear-view mirror

    Auto-dimming glass.

  • Heated windscreen

    Quickly defrosts, with a timed cut-off to save energy once clear.

  • Driver’s under-seat lockable drawer

    Secure, handy, ergonomic storage for valuable items.

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